Starmark - Fantastic Dog Toy - Foam Ball - 2 sizes - fun colours - soft on dogs mouth

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Starmark  Fantastic Durafoam Ball for dogs 

Great for interactive play with your dog either indoors or outdoors.  Ideal for Training, Excercise or Play          

 Colours are Purple, Blue or Yellow. 

The Fantastic Foam Ball, is soft for the dogs mouth yet is a very tough ball with a great bounce.

This ball is great for the dog who loves water as it floats on water, ideal for ball catching and great fun in sea, river, lake or beach. 

The Starmark foam ball is made of a solid patented foam that is soft in the dogs mouth but is extremely durable. 

Made with a tough outer shell for maximum durability

Sizes: Medium 9inches diameter (size of a tennis ball)      Large 11inches diameter - suitable for medium to large sized dogs.