Paw Plunger® This ingenious dog wash accessory keeps dirty paws outdoors.

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A fast, easy, and neat way to clean your dog's paws.
Simply fill with warm or cool water and plunge your dog's paws in.

Soft, deep-cleaning bristles gently scrub away dirt, mud, and harsh ice-melting chemicals.

When finished, just towel paws dry.

Easy to clean.
Perfect for traveling.
Best for most breeds.

No More humiliating, uncomfortable struggling with your pup or dog in the sink.  No need to risk and entire soaking with the hose.
The Paw Plunger will save you a fortune on dry cleaning, rug steam cleaning rentals.  Not to mention your valuable time, paying for itself in no time at all.
so, take the plunge........just fill the the Paw Plunger with warm water and plunge each muddy paw into the Paw Plunger once or twice - depending on the amount of dirt.  Let the water and soft deep-cleaning bristles do the work.  After plunging on each paw, simply dry with a towel and let your dog have the run of the house again without fear!
The Paw Plunger is easy to use safe, gentle and affordable. 

It's the tool for all seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and of course Winter, when ice and snow melting chemicals can burn and sting

Petite:     4"high x 5.5" Length x 3.5" width - smaller dogs Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers etc.  Can also be used for cats.
Medium: 6"high x 8.5" Length x 6" width  - dogs up to 75lbs
Large:     9.5"high x 9.75length x 7" width -  dogs 75lbs +