Kurgo Zip Line Harness Medium 25-50lbs

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Kurgo Zip Line Harness - the complete set.  Includes Auto and walking Harness, Auto Zip Line leash and tether.

The Zip Line with Harness allows Freedom to roam around the back seat on the zip line.  Also allows ease whilst the walking lead converts to a zip line tether. The Harness is well padded for extra protection.

The Kit is of medium size for Medium size dogs weighing 25 - 30lbs.

Keep 'Fido' safe and in his place.

The Kurgo auto zip Line is the easiest and most convenient safety harness and restraint system for your dog.  High strength nylon webbing simply attaches between the two rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run for the Kurgo Harness.  The secured line allows the dog the freedom to move the back seat whilst providing safety in case of studden stops.  The Kurgo Harness and leash intergrate with the zip line allowing you to quickly transition from walking the dog to getting on the road.

Benefits: Protects you and your dog in case of vehicle accident.

Keeps the dog in the back seat.

Simplest auto harness to use.                                          kurgo1.jpgkurgo6.jpg  

Materials: Zip Line - Nylon Webbing                                 

               Harness - Nylon Webbing

               Lead  -    Nylon Webbing