Doggee Dog Poop Bag Holder Keyring by Bagee

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The best ever pet hair remover!


Never go out without dog poo bags again with the Doggee bag holder keyring from Baggee.

No more searching in your handbag or pockets for poo bags when you have a Doggee holder. 

No more realisation at the crucial moment that the poo bag is 'in the other coat pocket'? 

The soft squidgy ball shaped holder enables you to always have a poo bag at hand.  Either in your handbag,  clip to the dogs lead, attach to yourself or just leave one in each pocket.

The Doggee is flexible in the shape of a hollow ball which is 55mm in diameter with a spring lever keyring attached.  It can accommodate 10 - 15 dog poo bags easily. 

Simply fill the Doggee with your poo bags, click it onto your dog lead or keys then just pull out a poo bag when required.  There is no need to purchase any particular make of poo bag as all standard poo bags will fit.

Available in 6 fun colours:- 

 Grey,   Pink,   Sky Blue,   Purple,   Green,   Turquoise