Dog Rocks - no more burn patches on your lawn

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Dog Rocks - Keep your Lawn Green!  An all natural product from Australia.

Dog Rocks are a proven, 100% natural product that help prevent urine burn patches appearing on lawns, shrubs and box hedges as a result of dog or bitch urine.

Dog Rocks filter out impurities in the water to prevent nasty yellow burn marks appearing on your lawn caused by your loving dog regularly taking a pee!

Dog Rocks don't change the pH balance of a dog's water, and are hassle free and easy to use - simply change the rocks every 2 months, and replace the water as normal.  Crucially Dog Rocks are safe for all household pets, endorsed and sold by vets worldwide.

Simply place the contents of one packet of Dog Rocks into your dogs water bowl and within a few weeks your lawn should see the results.
Laboratory tested and proven safe for all pets.        

All natural minerals, no chemicals - straight from the earth

Completely natural and hassle free
Dog Rocks do not change the pH balance of the dog's urine
Dog Rocks need replacing every 2 months
Dog Rocks have been selling in Europe for 7 years and Australia for 11 years
You are not medicating your dog in any way

DOG ROCKS® are made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock.

"I have been using Dog Rocks for many months, I have 2 Labradoodle bitches and have put up with burnt patches for a number of years.
Since using Dog Rocks the lawn is now totally clear of burnt patches - wonderful"   Madeline Johnson - Simply Labradoodles.