Border Collier Adorable Cushion

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The Border Collies loyal devotion makes him a family favourite. Intuitive and intelegent, he's a world-class herding dog who also excels at canine sports, such as; flyball, agility and obedience. And with a perpetual smile, who wouldn't love him!

This adorable Collie shaped cushion is made with a high quality satin drill fabric to the front, allowing the finest detail of his life like image to be seen; from individual hairs to his bright intelligent face. The cushion back is manufactured from a beautifully soft plush fabric, so as you run your hand over it, you feel you’re stroking your favourite pet!

To help maintain its shape, each cushion is filled with 100% polyester and fully sealed.

Unique, beautiful and very
huggable, Adorable Cushions® make the perfect gift for animal lovers all over.

Machine wash on 30 degrees. Tumble dry on a low heat. Iron on a medium heat (supplied with instructions).